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Whenever I play my songs I feel movement. I feel the world spin and the sky shifting and every movement is a new encounter. My music videos are a reflection of these movements and they are my visual interpretation of my songs.

About the blue yonder video

When shooting the video and photos for The Blue Yonder I hoped to capture these flashes as they happened, which I could only achieve using my intuition, not my rational mind.

This led me in London to the park at the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum, Shepherds Bush and to the fascinating blue lamps in Elephant and Castle. They appeared to be there for no other reason than to amplify that the blue yonder is here, and not beyond.

Thank you to the glass artist Klaus-LEO Drechsel for the glass flower and photo. thank you to the video artist Rita Kl√ľng for the nail frame scenes.


The Tailwind

“The Tailwind” is one of the bonus tracks on the single The Blue Yonder and is an improvisation on my acoustic guitar. I chose this track as a bonus track as it relates to the third verse of the song “The Blue Yonder” and the sense of freedom I feel when playing this part of the song.

I filmed the video scenes in London on the spur of the moment. The blue lights in the first scene are small decorating lights embedded into the pavement on a road under a bridge nearby London Bridge. The robot face was displayed in a shopping window near Liverpool Street. In the closing scene I filmed the light projections on the Heron Tower.


St James Park played in a park

This is St James Park that I played spontaneously in a tiny beautiful park at West Square in Lambeth, London. The song is from the coming debut album Here and Now. It was a wonderful moment on a glorious sunny day, and the overall up-lifting atmosphere seem to fit the song so well.

Listen to a preview of St James Park on soundlcoud.


(c) and (p) 2012 all rights reserved by Moving Close Records.

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