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Pipes in Portree

Pipes in Portree

Portree on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. This is how music connects you. There are mesmerising pipes chanting in the air played by a group of young musicians who are standing next to an old church. They are practicing for what I assume is going to be a march later on. On the short side road a few tourists like me witness the scene. On a small square, other musicians gather and prepare their pipes, drums and flutes. Local people in all ages wear traditional kilts and costumes. Some people chat, some make jokes, some just listen. The sound is so clear as is the air blowing from the sea. The bagpipes are droning and the trees appear to bend slowly to the endless, ancient sounds. Down the road, there are some houses painted in soft colours such as pink, purple, orange, blue and green. They seem to reflect the island’s mystical lights you find during the late nights in the summer. When the sun is up so long as it is now, twilight seems to stand still. The music carries on whilst I look up to the blue sky. I see the blue yonder. The blue yonder is not beyond, it is here. Words in my mind fade away. I feel pure joy when listening to this music. The air is filled with bliss, and the bliss remains when the music stops and silence sets in.

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