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The Blue Yonder Notes

Blue Lights Cropped1

Many times my friends asked me about the meaning of the song The Blue Yonder. There is so much in this song for me. I find it not easy to articulate these emotions in a rational way. Deep down the song connects with something very important in my heart. The sheer pleasure to live. The sadness when staring at the blind spots in life. I find that the video is revealing something deeper, and maybe also these notes. They are like an imagination what I see in front of my eyes when singing this song.

the blue yonder notes

early morning. i wake up with rays of sun falling through the wooden blinds. some birds are chanting, the leaves on nearby shrubs rustle and a fresh breeze carries smell of morning dew into my room. somewhere a car is rolling slowly around  the corners of the streets. i hear some laughter and moments later the voices carry away. i breathe in and listen to the silence. outside is the blue sky, the deep blue sky.

an ambulance car is running over the bridge with the blue lights flashing in haste. the facades of the nearby houses throw back the blue lightning whilst the dark holes of the window frames seem to swallow the sudden noise cutting the street. time is moving backwards. faded memories flicker in front of my eyes whilst my mind is turning upside down. there are blue lights everywhere. blue lines on top of buildings, blue light balls decorating trees, blue floodlights embracing the London skyline. i stare at these blue traces. i see the sun approaching in peace.

me and my brother and sister are running towards a small hill in the nearby city park. we catch tailwind and run up the hill and feel lighter than the birds soaring in the sky upon us. on top of the hill there is a little hut from where our eyes wander over the ranging trees, the growing coppice and the stretching ponds. i turn and roll down the hill, sideways, fast, with my eyes open. i watch the green of the dense grass interchange with the blue of the vast sky in rapid sequence. at the bottom of the slope i halt and gaze into the open sky. there is the yonder, the wide blue yonder.

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