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We wait until the break of dawn – the birth of our baby

We have been blessed with one of the most wonderful presents that life can hold for you. Beginning of May our baby boy Filip Henryk arrived to this world. My fiancée Iwona and I are all over the moon. He is such a beautiful boy and his eyes are very peaceful.

Filip was born early morning in Queen Elizabeth hospital near Woolwich. I am still taken by the serenity that was filling our hearts when he was there. There are no words that can describe these moments. The beginning of new life is simply a wonder. Our little boy is a little wonder.

I remember vividly how I felt in the following hours after Filip’s birth. I stepped out of the hospital. The life around the entrance area started buzzing. Everyone I saw had sparkle in his eyes. The sky opened up into a deep and bright blue, hinting at eternity. I felt warm light from the morning sun falling onto my face. While my mind was trying to think about what happened and what will happen next, my inner heart became quiet and peaceful. Everything was in one place. Everywhere was peace.

I sometimes like to sing Filip made-up songs. Sometimes I sing to him: ‘Sonne, Mond und Sterne haben Dich so gerne’ (freely translated: the sun, the moon, the stars, send you all their love’). When I felt  happiness of these early morning hours, it was a sentiment of knowing. Happiness does not just appear out of nothing. It has been there with you all the time. Now in this moment of clarity I was able see it, again.

I once wrote a song about these moments of clarity called ‘Early Morning Sun’. I wrote a first version of the song when I was 17 years old, based on a simple guitar harmony. Though it is a love song, the sentiment is the same: Peace arriving in the early morning hours.


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I wait
until break of dawn
to see
your smile
in the reflection of
the early sun




PS: my music took a break in the light of these events. I was also changing how I earn money outside of music. However, I have my next single, a wonderful video and a big album near completion. I am so excited about all this to come out very soon. I will keep you posted.