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Time flies by surprise – writing the song The Blue Yonder

Promises. There are so many promises all around. Whenever you turn money into something you get a promise in return. Refresh yourself, do something real, find stillness, get in connection, touch the magic. The sheer amount of promises appears to be a reflection on how deep the longing seems to be for these things. I believe you cannot long for something that you don’t know.

When writing the song The Blue Yonder I had not any meaning in mind – more expressing something deeply emotional. Often I cannot grasp these things but in my songs they find a form and everything feels right. Then, after years I find out other things the song is telling me. Though even that may change in the future. That is the case with The Blue Yonder. Now it seems the song is about all these promises around us and in us.

The first verse of my song The Blue Yonder is like an early childhood memory of a morning dawn. Children have the magic at their disposal naturally. They live in the moment and easily express what they feel. However, when growing up, this kind of immediate experience seems to become less clear.  Instead there appear promises, telling you about the magic, telling you what to do. And first doubts whether these promises can become true.

“The first thing I remember
morning dew came closer
the sun fell into my shaded room
like a promise to loom”

When I was growing out of my childhood I felt more distanced to the world. I could relate to what other people said about loosing the magic. Instead of magic I saw a strange new world. A strange face staring back in the mirror. It did not happen immediately, so I cannot say when this change happened. Soon dark feelings surfaced. I did not reflect on these though – these were just some strange distant sounds.

“The next thing I remember
darkness my eyes seem to enter
in the distance a car is roaring
a sound that turns into a slow soaring”

The chorus comes with a change of energy. I have images in front of my eyes like these old surreal movies from the 20ies where clocks are turning in high speed. Time flies by surprise. All the images appear and fade in fast motion. Time can be like a promise that never becomes real. Sometimes, people want to be in a different time. Be somewhere else. Be somebody else.

“They say time flies by surprise
“I know time slips through my hands
I wonder why when living beyond The Blue Yonder?”

The third verse is about a moment of open eyes. Like a child running with tailwind. The unknown fire is ever present and never vanishes.

“Living with the unknown fire,
that makes me warm and entire
like a child running with tailwind
feel the air as you breathe in”

The last verse, an emergency room scene. Staring at the blind spot, not seeing the real blind spot.

“The last thing I remember
my eyes open in a white chamber
the nurses connecting dots
their eyes seemed fixed on a blind spot”

I had an earlier version of The Blue Yonder that I called Oblivion. I had this version for seven years and it became a companion throughout times, especially when I faced many changes in my life; like a good friend who is always there. However, there was a gap in the song that I could not grasp. I played the song many times to look for what the song is telling me. One day I was taken by the striking energy in this song. It seemed to embrace the world, it made me feel light and upbeat like a child. I knew I had to follow this trace. I rewrote the lyrics and changed some chords. In one day The Blue Yonder was finished – for now.


The Blue Yonder video


The Blue Yonder is the first single from my up-coming album ‘Here and Now‘. Purchase the single here on Amazon and on iTunes. Watch the official video for The Blue Yonder here.