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Archive for July, 2012

The Tailwind on acoustic guitar

The Tailwind. The Tailwind carries you and it carries you further and beyond. It gives you a sense of lightness. I always enjoy improvising on my acoustic guitar. I like to follow on the spur of the moment and I never know where the journey is going to get me. The Tailwind is one of the bonus tracks on my single “The Blue Yonder“, the first release from my up-coming debut album Here and Now. I added it to the single as it fits to the third verse of the song where I sing: “living with the unknown fire that makes you whole and entire, like a child running with tailwind”.

A feeling of lightness and a sense of magic is something that children seem to have naturally at their disposal. When I got older I felt for some time that I had lost the connection to this sense of lightness. As if something got in between me and the magic. As if the tailwind had turned into a stiff wind blowing against me.

Living in London you just can’t ignore how many people are rushing with their eyes blinkered as if not aware what is going on around them. I too find myself in situations where I stop and ask myself  “Where was I the last five minutes?” and I look back and I realise that I did not notice the people passing by, a twinkle in their eyes, the amazing twisting clouds mounting up in front of a glowing late evening sky.

The tailwind is always there when you turn and take the wind with you. This is what I feel about making music or shooting photos or videos. I follow my intuition and my music evolves. I film somewhere spontaneously and something happens. This is how I came about playing the guitar for The Tailwind and making the video.

The slow-motion flashing blue lights in the first scene are embedded into the pavement under a bridge nearby London Bridge. The turning robot face was in a shopping window near Liverpool Street. In the closing scene I followed the light projections thrown onto the Heron Tower in London. These moments appear to be signposts to a world beyond the rationale. They seem to be traces to something magical. We seem to be familiar with what they express. The robot’s eyes were flashing and sparkling as if in excitement. Like the eyes of people you meet everyday.